We’re here to help you plan for your future and create the life you want, with the confidence that you have all of the resources you need to achieve it

We’re here to help you manage life’s transitions, for example selling your business, planning for life after work or dealing with changing family circumstances

We’re here to help you achieve and maintain financial freedom and find balance in your life

Who we work with

Our clients come from all over London and the surrounding areas, but most are based close to us in Highams Park, Walthamstow, Chingford, Leyton, Leytonstone, Woodford and Wanstead.

We are experts, and over the years we have specialised in helping certain types of people. We typically work with people who fit into one or more of the following categories:

Planning for retirement

We help people in their 50s to plan for a sustainable and fulfilling future so that, when the time is right, retirement is a smooth and easy transition.

At retirement

We enable people in their 60s to establish their retirement income, making adjustments to ensure their desired lifestyle becomes a reality.

Already retired

We work with people who have already retired to mould their income to their goals and plan for the future of their family and estate.


We help parents ensure that their finances support every element of family life, from present day needs to long-term aspirations.

Business owners

We work with business owners to examine the financial side of work and home life as one, so that a cohesive strategy for both can be put in place.

Children of parents going into care

We assist children of elderly parents, establishing how to best manage the cost of care and secure a suitable place for their loved one to live.

Antony Smith

Director & Chartered Financial Planner

Courtney Gills


Lorna Ross


Lindsey Conen-Smith

Non-Executive Director

  • Allison, Walthamstow & Jonathan, Wandsworth
    Having been very daunted by what we thought would be a very difficult (if not impossible) stream of financial issues to sort out between myself and a very good friend, we approached Antony for his expert advice. Immediately we were reassured by his very calm, methodical and professional approach to navigating us through a complex set of issues. The solutions he offered were supremely practical and manageable and he guided us both, with differing interests, along the way so well. We would not hesitate to recommend these services to anyone with complex arrangements, in particular.
    Allison, Walthamstow & Jonathan, Wandsworth
    Clients since 2015
  • Michaela, Walthamstow
    Immediately I felt at ease… I trust their advice 100%
    Michaela, Walthamstow
    Client since 2014
  • Rachel, York
    Providus gave us clear, trustworthy advice and made the process of securing our family’s future remarkably stress-free and efficient.
    Rachel, York
    Client since 2014
  • Lee, Walthamstow
    From day one, we've felt confident and secure in the advice Providus has offered our family. They're our first port of call with any financial matters and we have already recommended them to all our friends.
    Lee, Walthamstow
    Client since 2014
  • Freddie Jenner FCCA Finance Director, Leytonstone
    I’ve used Providus for many years now, both on a personal and business level, and thoroughly value the advice given. It’s incredibly useful to be able to rely on a company and know that the personal side of your life is being taken care of. Advice given by Providus for our group of businesses in terms of debt restructuring and raising capital was also a valuable sounding board when negotiating terms with lenders over significant levels of finance.
    Freddie Jenner FCCA Finance Director, Leytonstone
    Client since 2013

To find out how we can help you with your finances, please call us on 0333 456 0468 or email hello@providusfinancial.co.uk