At retirement

There comes a time in life when we decide it’s time to stop working and begin the next chapter of life.

Perhaps work is no longer fulfilling, or you’re simply ready to relax and fulfil the lifelong aspirations that have been on your mind for years: whether that’s travel, more time spent with family or a completely new adventure.

You’ve saved all your life for retirement, but likely have little to no idea of the amount of income your pensions, savings and investments will provide.

Whilst you know you want to retire soon, the way you do so is unique to every person. Perhaps you’d rather not return to work tomorrow; perhaps you’d be happy to transition into retirement by working a few days a week for another year or so. Whatever your wishes, we will show you what they will mean for your finances and your future. If there are shortfalls, we will show you how to make adjustments so that your desired retirement becomes a reality.

Comprehensive planning, for both now and the future, is therefore the key to securing and enjoying both the transition into retirement and life after work.

We take a bespoke approach to financial planning. If you work with us, we will follow these steps:

1. Introductory Call

We begin with a brief telephone call to introduce ourselves to each other, understand your needs and expectations, while explaining how we work and answer any questions you may have.

If, at the end of this call, we are both happy to move on to the next stage of the process, we will book an Introductory Meeting. Before that meeting, we’ll ask you to give some serious thought to your goals and aspirations.


2. Introductory Meeting

At this meeting we’ll start to establish your current financial position and discuss your goals and aspirations.

It is during this meeting that we’ll explain whether we can help you and we’ll decide together whether we are the right planning firm for you. Assuming we are both happy to proceed, we will confirm our fees for the work we will undertake on your behalf and book the date of our Planning Meeting.


3. Planning Meeting Preparation

In preparation for the Planning Meeting, we ask all clients to complete income & expenditure and attitude to risk questionnaires.

At the same time, we will gather and review detailed information about all your existing financial arrangements and understand your attitude to risk after you have completed the questionnaire. This process may involve a phone or video call and possibly a further meeting.

4. Planning Meeting

During the Planning Meeting we will present and discuss your financial plan and our initial recommendations then carry out any fine tuning necessary based on your feedback.

Once you are completely happy, we’ll confirm our recommendations and get your commitment to proceed with the implementation of the plan.


5. Implementation

The effective implementation of the plan is a crucial stage of the process. It might require a further meeting, either face to face or remotely.

We will ask you to sign the required paperwork, which we will then submit to the relevant providers. Our team will ensure its smooth processing and you will receive confirmation when this process has been completed.


6. Forward Planning Meeting

Our Forward Planning Meetings are vital for keeping you on track to attain your goals and aspirations. After all, you can’t expect to go to the gym once and be fit for life.

Equally, a Financial Plan needs to be revisited regularly to ensure it remains on track; it must be updated to reflect your changing circumstances as well as prevailing economic and market conditions.

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