At retirement – David and Rachel


David and Rachel were married, with no children. They were both hoping to retire at 55 and had built up sizeable pension and investment portfolios.

They wanted to live a good (but not extravagant) life, move away from London and purchase a holiday home.

What did we do?

We determined that the couple had just enough money to move and purchase a holiday home. The fall-back position was that they were able to sell their holiday home or main residence, should they choose to move permanently to the holiday home, if they needed additional funds.

We then consolidated David and Rachel’s pensions so that they had access to the funds. We also invested in a risk-adjusted portfolio, specifically designed for income withdrawal. We also calculated the most tax-efficient way of withdrawing funds from their pensions and investments.

The outcome

David and Rachel have now moved away from London to a more relaxed pace of life, and plans are in place to purchase their holiday home.

They are now able to enjoy life, without worrying about running out of money.