3rd November 2021
Northern Lights over Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Awe-inspiring sights to consider when you’re booking a 2022 holiday

As the world reopens to travellers, now is the perfect time to think about which sights are at the top of your bucket list. From natural […]
3rd November 2021
A woman wearing headphones as she sits on a sofa

How music affects your mood

When you put on music, you may choose tunes that suit your mood. But have you ever considered how the music you choose can impact how […]
3rd November 2021
Four senior adults drinking coffee in a cafe

Community and space are key reasons for over-55s not downsizing their homes

More over-55s are choosing not to downsize their homes. The sense of community they enjoy in their current home and the space it affords them means […]
3rd November 2021
Paper showing a graph and the text “Dividends” with a calculator and pen

Dividend Tax rate rise: Could it affect you?

Dividend Tax rates are set to rise, and it could affect the amount of tax you pay. The chancellor announced a hike in Dividend Tax rates, […]
3rd November 2021
An older person working at a desk

More people plan to work past traditional retirement age. Here’s what they need to consider

Figures suggest that an increasing number of people plan to work past the traditional retirement age. There are a variety of reasons for doing so and […]