Get advice for your business

As well as helping individuals and families, we work with businesses too.

All businesses now need to automatically enrol their employees into a suitable pension scheme. We can help you do this. We can help you identify and set up an appropriate scheme, and we can help you comply with the law.

Many companies also want to offer a competitive employee benefits package to attract and retain high quality staff. We can either review your existing arrangements or help set up something new.

As well as benefits for your employees, we can help you think about risks to your business too. For instance, if a key member of staff were to become seriously ill or die, this could damage the business a lot in the short term, or even cause it to fail in the longer term. If there’s more than one shareholder, and one dies, things can get very difficult unless you have arrangements in place to get the shares to the remaining owners and the money in the hands of the family.

To safeguard against these issues, we can help you arrange key person and shareholder protection insurance along with putting the appropriate shareholder agreements in place – so your business becomes stronger and more resilient.

“As a business moving into our seventh year we recognised the need to protect the business as well as ourselves against the possibility of ill health. This included protecting our families. Antony helped us with key person protection and income protection which has given piece of mind and assurance. Throughout the process Antony guided us through the process in an assured and patient manner - great service all round”
Julian, E17

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