Courtney Gills

Financial Administrator

At work

Courtney is our Financial Administrator across the group. She is currently on maternity leave and will return to work in 2024.

Courtney studied at Bournemouth University before joining our team in September 2017. Today she oversees taking clients through our client journey right from enquiry to completion. She submits applications, gathers data from clients, maintains our client database & manages our client portal. She collates information required for the team as well as liaising with clients on a day to day basis.

At home

In her spare time, Courtney loves reading, going to the cinema and days out with her daughter. She also enjoys eating out and spending time with friends and family.


  • Holidays
  • Pineapple on pizza
  • Retail therapy


  • Rude people
  • Seafood
  • Creepy crawlies