Client Stories

Business owner – Dan

Dan was a successful business owner with a young family, ambitious plans and a fairly expensive lifestyle. He wanted to ensure his lifestyle could be sustained for the future, move into a bigger property and simultaneously get an exit strategy in place.

Already retired – Andrew and Janet

Andrew and Janet were in their 60s. They had retired on a good pension income, which more than met their lifestyle needs. Their ultimate goal was to help their children with property purchases to support their growing family.

At retirement – David and Rachel

David and Rachel were married, with no children. They were both hoping to retire at 55 and had built up sizeable pension and investment portfolios. In retirement, they wanted to move away from London and purchase a holiday home.

At retirement – Sally

Sally was in her mid-50s and divorced, with no children. Sally’s elderly father was ill and, due to stress, she had decided she wanted to stop working. She was looking for help in securing a decent level of income in retirement, despite her plans to retire early.

Planning for retirement – Catherine

Catherine was a freelance TV producer in her late 50s. She wanted to accept work projects less frequently and was also looking to make home improvements so that she could accommodate a lodger for additional retirement income.

Professional family – Ben and Lucy

Ben and Lucy had a young family. Ben was looking for a career change, whilst the couple collectively wanted to ensure they could pay for their children’s education and live a comfortable life in the future.

Covering the cost of care – John and Emma

Emma approached us because her father, John, was going into a care home. She wanted to ensure his needs were met, whilst as much of her inheritance as possible was protected; which was ultimately to be used for her children’s education.