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Awe-inspiring sights to consider when you’re booking a 2022 holiday

As the world reopens to travellers, now is the perfect time to think about which sights are at the top of your bucket list. From natural […]

How music affects your mood

When you put on music, you may choose tunes that suit your mood. But have you ever considered how the music you choose can impact how […]

Community and space are key reasons for over-55s not downsizing their homes

More over-55s are choosing not to downsize their homes. The sense of community they enjoy in their current home and the space it affords them means […]

Dividend Tax rate rise: Could it affect you?

Dividend Tax rates are set to rise, and it could affect the amount of tax you pay. The chancellor announced a hike in Dividend Tax rates, […]

More people plan to work past traditional retirement age. Here’s what they need to consider

Figures suggest that an increasing number of people plan to work past the traditional retirement age. There are a variety of reasons for doing so and […]

How much does your partner have in their pension? 78% of married people have no idea

Retirement planning as a couple can be difficult. You may have very different ideas about when you want to retire and how you want to spend […]

7 signs of stress and how to combat them to improve your wellbeing

National Stress Awareness Day is on 3 November. Stress is something everyone experiences at different points in their lifetime, but it can harm your wellbeing and […]

The great British obsession: Why we love to check house prices

It’s often said that British people are obsessed with owning a home and property prices. A new survey indicates that’s the case, with more than half […]

5 behavioural biases that lead to investment mistakes

Investment decisions should be based on logic and fact. But it’s easy for emotions and biases to affect your decisions, and this can lead to investment […]

Inflation is set to reach 4% this year. What does it mean for your spending power?

From the State Pension triple lock to the cost of living, Covid-19 is affecting economic figures. As the economy reopens, you may have noticed the price […]

Why you should consider involving your family in your financial plan

When you consider your financial plan, who do you involve? Often, it’s done independently or with a partner, but there could be advantages to making your […]

Why money conversations are important for you and your loved ones

How often do you discuss your finances? In the UK, talking about money and our long-term financial plans are often still seen as a taboo subject. […]

7 tips for employers embracing the flexible working trend

Employees are placing greater importance on flexible working. For business owners, embracing the trend could help them retain staff and attract new talent. However, while flexible […]

Financial education: 3 fun Scout activities to try at home with your children

With a history going back over a century, the Scouts Association has been helping children across the UK develop life skills. The badges youngsters earn are […]

83% of parents are saving for their children in cash, but it might not be a good idea

The Independent reports that 76% of parents and guardians in the UK are saving money for their children under the age of 18. Helping your child […]

3 things to think about if you want to relocate in retirement

Are you thinking about relocating when you retire? If you are, you’re not alone. Millions of over-50s are planning to move away from their current home […]

When can you access your pension? It might be further away than you think

The age you can access defined contribution (DC) pensions is rising. Research suggests that many people are unaware of this, but it could affect your retirement […]

National Insurance and Dividend Tax rise as government suspends State Pension triple lock

This week, the government has made two major policy announcements that are likely to directly affect your finances. A much-anticipated National Insurance rise will result in […]

10 fantastic books to read with children this Read a Book Day

Read a Book Day on 6 September offers the perfect opportunity to curl up with a book and escape, whether with a comforting favourite or a […]

The history of vaccines: from smallpox to Covid-19

The Covid-19 vaccine is something we’ve heard a lot about in the last year. As of July 2021, 54% of the UK population has been fully […]

The millennial generation and wealth transfer paves the way for ESG investing boom

While ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing is growing across all investor segments, it’s the millennial generation that’s leading the trend. A huge wealth transfer in […]

How financial planning can help you strike a better work-life balance

Financial planning is about much more than simply growing your wealth. Not only can it reduce financial worry, but it can help you achieve long-term goals, […]

Why rising house prices could mean you need to reconsider your Inheritance Tax plan

House prices have reached record highs this year. While you may be pleased the value of your home is increasing, it may also mean you now […]

What is pension tax relief? How it can help you reach retirement goals

There are many excellent reasons to save into a pension. One of them is the tax relief you benefit from, but many pension savers are overlooking […]

Life after lockdown: What do you want to achieve?

While some lockdown restrictions are still in place, things are slowly returning to “normal”. Since Covid-19 measures were first introduced in March 2020, you may have […]

What does the end of the Stamp Duty holiday mean for the property market?

In a bid to keep the property market moving, chancellor Rishi Sunak introduced a Stamp Duty holiday a year ago. It led to property prices soaring […]

Everything you need to know about financially supporting children through university

It’s that time of the year when thousands of teenagers across the country are waiting to find out if they’ve been accepted to university. As your […]

“It won’t pay out” and other financial protection myths busted

Most people in the UK do not have any type of financial protection. While there may be a good reason for some, in others it’s a […]

5 excuses for not seeking financial advice, and why they’re wrong

Millions of people are missing out on financial advice that could help them reach their goals because of misconceptions, research finds. Speaking to a financial planner […]

How compounding could help younger generations become a pension millionaire

When saving into a pension, reaching £1 million can seem like an impossible challenge. But the magic of compounding can mean it’s easier to reach than […]

How to stay safe when meeting with family and friends this summer

As restrictions lift, you may be thinking about welcoming your family and friends back into your home. But while the risk of spreading Covid-19 is now […]

10 of the best UK beaches to relax on this summer

You don’t have to go abroad to find beautiful scenery. If you want to relax on a beach, heading to Spain or further afield is likely […]

How FOMO investing could mean you make financial mistakes

Does FOMO – the fear of missing out – affect your investment decisions? It can lead to you making investment decisions that aren’t right for you […]

Inheritances left behind are growing – could you be affected by Inheritance Tax?

Inheritances are growing and becoming more important to household wealth, research finds. As the Inheritance Tax (IHT) thresholds are now frozen for five years, it’s essential […]

Over 55s planning once in a lifetime experiences, but could finances hold back aspirations?

While the mantra might be “life begins at 40”, over 55s are planning to live their life to the fullest as Covid-19 restrictions lift. Retirement might […]

Retiring in 2021? Planning is key as two-thirds risk depleting their pension savings

If you’re planning to retire this year, do you know how long your pension will last? Your pension savings will have an impact on the lifestyle […]

8 steps for a successful career change that could boost your confidence too

Are you thinking about making a career change? Covid-19 has spurred more people on to think about their careers and what they’d like to be doing. […]

Equity release: As property values soar, could your home help fund your later life?

Across the UK, private property is worth more than £6 trillion, according to an Equity Release Council (ERC) report. Property prices have soared in the last […]

Business owners – here are the staff benefits that could boost productivity

As a business owner, how can you boost productivity? Reviewing processes to improve efficiency or implementing more training may spring to mind. However, providing health and […]

Covid-19 spurs more people to seek financial advice, but it’s not just for times of crisis

The pandemic has placed pressure on families across the UK. So, it’s not surprising that more people are seeking financial advice and thinking about their long-term […]

ESG investing: Employee pay becomes a key issue with a third of investors willing to divest

Pay is becoming an important topic for investors, research suggests. In fact, 83% of savers said they expect the companies they invest in through their pension […]

Money mindset: Shaking up how you think about finances could boost wellbeing

Money has a huge impact on our wellbeing. Whether we have “enough” is often the focus when facing money challenges, but a new report suggests that […]

Is a 4-day working week around the corner?

The last year has seen huge changes to the way we work, with remote working on the rise. Could the next change be a four-day working […]

Technology encourages more investors to seek the “thrill” of trading and take bigger financial risks

Technology has made investing far more accessible. You can now invest and make changes to your portfolio with just a few taps on your smartphone. While […]

Employee benefits that self-employed workers miss out on, and how to bridge the gap

There are more than five million self-employed workers in the UK, according to government statistics. This figure is rising, with around one in six people now […]

3 reasons to make social care part of your retirement plan

The cost of funding care and delivering support to the elderly has become a national priority. However, research suggests it’s still not something individuals are thinking […]

Job market changes present retirement challenges for young workers

The world of work is changing, and it means young workers today need to be more engaged with their pension than ever to build a secure […]

How the tax freezes announced in the Budget could leave you worse off

In March, chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his second Budget. After a lot of speculation that taxes would rise to pay for the cost of Covid-19, you […]

The history of investing: What the past can teach us about market cycles

2020 was an eventful year. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world had a huge impact on life, which inevitably affected stock markets and investment […]

5 steps to take for successful business succession planning to prime your firm for growth

No matter the size of your business, some key people ensure its smooth running and growth. Without these people, even successful companies can face difficulties. Creating […]

Brits don’t trust their partners’ investment advice. Financial planning as a couple can help you reach goals

When you’re making financial decisions, who do you speak to? One of these people is likely your partner. Yet, despite seeking financial advice from a partner, […]

Can money buy happiness? It’s the freedom to reach goals that adds value to your life

Is the common saying “money can’t buy happiness” true? Research suggests that it isn’t, and that the opportunities financial security brings can deliver happiness and improve […]

Why planning for the 2021/22 tax year now is a fantastic idea

The 2020/21 tax year hasn’t even finished yet, but it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the next 12 months. While this time of the […]

10 practical financial spring cleaning tips to boost your savings

Winter is behind us and it’s that time of the year when people give their homes a spring clean. But don’t just focus on tidying up […]

Budget 2021 – The winners and losers

A year ago, Rishi Sunak delivered his first Budget just as the pandemic began to take hold. While his £30 billion package sounded significant, it’s a […]

Your 2021 Budget summary

On Wednesday 3 March, Rishi Sunak delivered his second Budget as chancellor. The Budget outlines the state of the economy and the government’s spending plans. The […]

International Day of Happiness: 5 reasons to be optimistic

Saturday 20 March is the International Day of Happiness. After the challenges of 2020, we could all use something to make us feel a little more […]

The 2021 health trends you should try

Are you looking to improve your health in 2021? After a year where health was one of the most talked-about topics due to the pandemic, it’s […]

43% of savers and investors don’t know where to find advice

We know that financial advice can change lives and help people achieve their goals. Yet, research from network Openwork found that more than two in five […]

FTSE 100 suffers worst year since 2008 but your portfolio may still have gained

When you look at the headline figures of how investment markets performed in 2020, you may be worried about your finances. The impact of Covid-19, along […]

2 top reasons why you shouldn’t just follow exciting investment fads

How many times have you heard or read about a particular stock that you should invest in? It can be tempting to follow exciting investment fads, […]

6 tax allowances to use before 5 April 2021 to boost your finances

The current 2020/21 tax year will end on 5 April 2021. As a new year starts, many allowances reset. For some, it will be your last […]

10 motivational books to help you get the most out of 2021

What are your plans for 2021? Staying motivated when you’re working towards a goal can be challenging for everyone, but these ten books can provide a […]

5 tips for ‘switching off’ when you’re working from home

Thousands of people have welcomed the shift in working from home. It’s helped us stay safe during the pandemic, as well as saving money and providing […]

What are your options with an interest-only mortgage?

While interest-only mortgages have become less popular, millions of people have one and need a repayment strategy in place. If you do have an interest-only mortgage […]

Financial health check: How do you score?

How do you rate your financial security? When you think about your financial situation, what defines it as ‘healthy’? For 77% of Brits, financial success is […]

Top ESG trends for 2021

When investing, it’s the performance and returns that are often the focus. Yet, more investors than ever are also considering ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors […]

Have you prepared emotionally for retirement?

Have you started preparing for retirement yet? If you’re nearing this milestone you may have contemplated whether your pension will be enough and how you’ll create […]

7 tips for sticking to your new year’s resolution

‘New year, new me,’ goes the common saying. The start of a new year is often seen as a time to reinvent yourself and make plans […]

Research finds that Brits are worryingly exposed to financial shocks

Even carefully laid financial plans can go astray. Financial shocks, such as losing your job or being too ill to work, can affect your financial security. […]

How ESG can support long-term goals

Investing that incorporates ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors in some way are rising. While there are ethical reasons for choosing ESG investments, they can support […]

Has financial bias cost you money this year?

Stock markets in 2020 have been characterised by volatility and uncertainty. If you’ve made financial decisions based on your feeling towards this, it could have cost […]

Lasting Power of Attorney: Why is it something we put off?

Naming a Lasting Power of Attorney is something that we should all do. It’s something that can provide us with security if we’re unable to make […]

Why life expectancy matters when planning your retirement

When you’re looking forward to retirement, working out your life expectancy may not be something that’s on your mind. Instead, you’re likely to be planning how […]

Understanding financial bias: How can you reduce the impact?

For our final blog in our financial bias series, we’re going to look at some of the steps you can take to reduce the impact of […]

Half of workers planning a career change in the coming months due to Covid-19

Covid-19 has prompted many discussions about working environments and the future of employment, such as working from home, from a business perspective. But for millions of […]

Why financial lessons are important for children and teens

Financial education in childhood is crucial. Attitudes and habits formed in our tentative years can have an impact in adulthood. Passing on your financial knowledge and […]

Revealed: the wellbeing and emotional impact of financial advice

It should come as no surprise that we believe financial advice adds real value to the lives of our clients. While the financial benefits of advice […]

Making ESG part of your pension investments

Taking ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors into consideration when investing is becoming more mainstream. However, many investors that want to make ESG part of their […]

Talk Money Week: The benefit of family financial planning

Each November, Talk Money Week takes place. It aims to get the nation talking about managing money, from discussing pocket money with children to chatting about […]

Your 2020 Spending Review summary

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled the government’s spending plans for the coming year in his Spending Review given on Wednesday 25 November. A Spending Review sets […]

Understanding financial bias: 7 ways it could be affecting you

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been looking at what financial bias is and where it can come from. This month, we explore some of […]

7 signs your work-life balance could benefit from an adjustment

Earlier this month marked National Work Life Week, which aims to encourage both employers and employees to focus on wellbeing and striking the right balance between […]

How to create a CV that will stand out

The current job market is extremely competitive. The impact of Covid-19 has meant some businesses have been forced to make cuts or suspend hiring plans. Whether […]

Good Money Week: ESG and investment sustainability

Do you consider sustainability when making financial decisions? It’s a consideration that’s becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. While sustainability in finance is often […]

10 ways to free up money so you can save more

Lockdown has turned us into a nation of savers. People in the UK usually save around £4 billion a month, but New Model Adviser reports that, […]

7 scary pension mistakes to avoid this Halloween

The nights are drawing in and Halloween is around the corner. But while you might get spooked watching a horror film this season, pension mistakes can […]

Understanding financial bias: Where does it come from?

Last month, we looked at what financial bias is, but what is it that influences our decisions? Where do these biases come from? There are numerous […]

7 things you can do to boost productivity

At times, we’re all guilty of being unproductive. Whether it’s because you’re struggling to focus on a task at hand or you have multiple deadlines competing […]

Older borrowers facing challenges securing mortgages

If you’re in retirement and have mortgage debt, research indicates it can be far more challenging to secure a mortgage. You may be forced to pay […]

Giving to charity: How it can be tax-efficient too

Supporting worthy causes is often something people want to include in their financial plan, whether through regular donations or a charitable legacy in their will. The […]

4 financial steps to take if you’re facing redundancy

As Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease, there are still concerns about what it means for the economy. As the furlough scheme ends, you may be worried about […]

5 things to consider when you come into unexpected money

Everyone has at some point daydreamed about what they’d do if they suddenly came into a large amount of money. But what would you do if […]

5 tips for getting children ready to go back to school

Every year as the summer holidays come to a close, ‘back to school’ slogans and tips for getting children ready to head back to full-time education […]

5 things you might not know about Equity Release

Every year older homeowners use Equity Release to help access millions of pounds to fund retirement. As property prices have risen significantly and time spent in […]

What happens if you don’t have a Power of Attorney in place?

A Power of Attorney is just as an important part of estate planning as writing a will. Yet, it’s something that many people overlook, potentially leading […]

3 financial lessons to teach young adults before they go to university

Young adults planning to head to university this year have faced more challenges than usual thanks to Covid-19. Yet, come September, thousands will still be heading […]

5 steps that allow you to handle a financial crisis

Even with careful financial planning, shocks can happen. Often financial crises are unexpected and out of our control, so it’s important to have a safety net […]

Retirement planning as a couple: Balancing different goals

Planning for retirement should be an exciting time in your life. You’re able to give up work and focus on the things you enjoy. But what […]

5 reasons plants mean healthier homes

If you don’t already have plants dotted around your home, there are health reasons for becoming a little more green-fingered. Plants don’t only add to your […]

5 things to consider before taking on a second mortgage

Are you thinking about taking on a second mortgage? Perhaps you want to purchase a holiday home for your family to enjoy, or maybe you want […]

Calculating investment risk: What plays a role?

When investing, we all know that capital is at risk. We’ve often talked about understanding your risk profile and the level of risk you should take […]

Using your assets to create flexibility with a Final Salary pension

Pensioners transferring out of their Final Salary pensions, also known as Defined Benefit pensions, have made headlines recently as retirees seek more flexibility. But using other […]

Coronavirus affects the saving habits of 6 in 10 people

Coronavirus has affected many aspects of our lives and research shows that savings are one area that may have been affected. Whether you’ve had to dip […]

What would negative interest rates mean?

With interest rates at an all-time low and the economy facing uncertainty, you may have read headlines about whether negative interest rates are the next step. […]

Summer holiday activities for children that have reopened

It’s been months since most school children were in the classroom five days a week, and with the summer holidays looming full-time education is still weeks […]

Booking a holiday for 2020: What you should keep in mind

After Covid-19 forced millions of families to cancel holiday plans in spring and early summer, heading abroad is now an option again. However, strict measures are […]

ESG investments performed well during market volatility

The social distancing restrictions associated with Covid-19 have affected businesses globally, leading to volatility within the investment markets. However, figures suggest that those investments that have […]

Has Covid-19 affected your retirement plans?

The impact of Covid-19 has affected savings and investments, something that can be a particular concern for those nearing retirement. If your finances have been impacted, […]

Planning for a 100-year life

When you think about your lifestyle goals and financial plan, how far ahead do you look? It wasn’t so long ago that planning to reach 80 […]

5 ways you can reduce tax liability in retirement

When you retire, there are a lot of financial decisions that need to be made as you start accessing the savings and investments you’ve built up. […]

6 ways to boost your career from home

Whether you’re working from home or are looking to boost your skills outside of your work environment, there are ways you can build experience, knowledge and […]

5 museums and galleries you can visit from your sofa

Lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting, but it’s expected to be some time before life gets back to ‘normal’. If you’ve been missing the opportunity to visit […]

Low interest rates: Should you remortgage now?

The Bank of England slashed interest rates in March as the impact of coronavirus became clear. While it’s not good news for savers, it could offer […]

Business owners: 5 important dates in the coming months

Whilst the last few months have been unusual for many businesses, there are key dates that still need to be penned into diaries of business owners […]

Homeworkers can benefit from flat-rate allowance to cover costs

Following travel and social distancing restrictions, more of us have worked from home than ever before in recent months. Whilst restrictions are lifting, individuals that can […]

Understanding financial bias: What is it?

We all know what bias is and it’s something you may consider when making decisions in your day-to-day life but it’s also something that can affect […]

Staycation: 5 popular destinations in the UK

Lockdown restrictions are easing but the typical summer holiday abroad still looks uncertain for millions of Brits. As high streets, attractions and other key tourist spots […]

5 financial podcasts to download this summer

Improving your knowledge of financial matters has never been easier with a huge selection of podcasts from experts and industry professionals. If you’re looking for a […]

The danger of holding too much cash

How much of your wealth do you hold in cash? Whilst it’s often viewed as the ‘safe’ option, there is a danger of your assets losing […]

The economic impact of coronavirus

Are you worried about the long-term economic impact of the coronavirus lockdown? If you are, you’re not alone. As the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control […]

Cashflow planning: Helping to answer ‘what if…’ questions

When you begin making a financial plan, you could be looking several decades ahead, and we all know the unexpected can derail even the best-laid plans. […]

What are your rights if you have a summer holiday booked?

Restrictions on travel and concerns about the coronavirus pandemic may have affected your holiday plans for the summer months. There’s been a lot of contradictory information […]

Is university worth it for children and grandchildren?

For students planning to head to university, it’s already been an emotional time. With college suspended due to Covid-19 and exams cancelled, there has been some […]

5 things to consider if you’re thinking about changing your investments

When it comes to investing, it’s often best to create a tailored financial plan and leave investments for the long term without tinkering. However, it can […]

DIY projects that could boost the value of your home

With more time indoors, Brits have been turning to DIY during the pandemic. It’s perfect for filling the time but, choose the right project, and it […]

Demand for rented homes bounces: 5 things to consider before becoming a landlord

After a brief slump, the demand for rented homes has bounced back. After decades of rising property pieces and rental yields, it’s easy to see why […]

7 things to do if you’re retiring in 2020

Are you planning to retire this year? If so, congratulations! Retirement is a milestone you may have been looking forward to for years, but it’s not […]

Mindfulness: How to reduce stress and anxiety

At times we all feel stressed and anxious. Amid the current circumstances, you may feel more stressed than usual and not able to access your usual […]

Why you should have a Power of Attorney in place

Millions of Brits haven’t named a Power of Attorney. It may seem like something you can put off for a while, but it’s something we should […]

Is now the time to invest?

Global stock markets have suffered due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and you may have heard suggestions that now is the ‘perfect time to […]

7 tips for homeschooling

With schools closing down several weeks ago and no firm plans of when children will be heading back to the classroom yet, parents across the UK […]

Lockdown checklist: 6 financial steps to take during the pandemic

If you’ve been putting off reviewing your finances, the lockdown is the perfect opportunity to complete some tasks that could help make sure your finances and […]

5 tips for keeping pensions on track during the pandemic

For most of us, pensions are invested with the hopes of delivering returns over the long term and it’s something we plan to pay into over […]

Bounce Back loan scheme

Last month, the government announced a brand-new loan scheme to support businesses through the coronavirus pandemic. Announcing the package of measures, the Chancellor said: “Small businesses […]

Coronavirus, life insurance and Critical Illness cover: what will and won’t pay out?

With more than 1.8 million confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide and fears that up 80% of the UK population will fall ill as a result of […]

How to keep yourself safe from scams during the coronavirus pandemic

One of the more unwanted consequences of the recent coronavirus pandemic has been a reported rise in the number of scams. Fraudsters are taking advantage of […]

Spring reading: ‘New Nature Writing’ and the Great British countryside

We’re now well into spring but rather than enjoying the Great British countryside, you likely find yourself cooped up indoors. With much of the country in […]

How to talk to your children and grandchildren about coronavirus

With schools now officially closed until further notice, and millions of children confined to their own homes, there’s no longer any chance of playing down the […]

Bank of England interest rate cut: What does it mean for finances?

Over the last few months, speculation that the Bank of England would increase its base interest rate has been mounting. However, the impact of Covid-19 has […]

What does coronavirus mean for my pension and retirement?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate world headlines, here’s what it might mean for your pension and retirement plans. The pandemic has created uncertainty in […]

Small business owner? Here are the measures in place to help you through the pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has affected the health of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, it has also had a devastating effect on small and medium-sized […]

2020/21 tax year: Exemptions and allowances

We’ve now entered a new tax year. Whilst some changes were made during the 2020 Budget, other allowances and exemptions have stayed the same. Planning can […]

World Book Night celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Read our top 10 books from 10 years

World Book Night – a national celebration of the joy of books and reading – turns ten this year. On the night of 23 April, tens […]

Support for the self-employed during the coronavirus pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has affected the health of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, it has also had a devastating effect on small and medium-sized […]

5 ways to improve your work/life balance

Juggling the demands of a busy career with the need to relax and spend time with loved ones can be difficult. The 24/7 availability of the […]

5 mindfulness apps to guide you through the day

In the everyday fight to juggle work and home life, it’s easy to neglect your mental and physical wellbeing. Mindfulness covers a variety of ways we […]

Financial planning: Why do you need to revisit your plan?

Financial planning is essential at all stages of life. Speaking to an adviser can help you focus on your financial goals and give you the means […]

How using a trust could save UK families £300 million each year

Back in 2017, more than 35,000 term life insurance policies paid out an average of more than £78,000. Nearly every claim was paid (98%) and tens […]

Understanding your Final Salary Pension: What income will it provide?

If you have a Final Salary pension, retirement planning can seem more straightforward. However, there are still important decisions that need to be made and it’s […]

Pension savers could be missing out on £830 million of unclaimed tax relief

One of the reasons why pensions are an excellent way to save for retirement is the tax relief you benefit from. Yet, figures suggest that pension […]

Coronavirus and the markets

In recent weeks, the coronavirus has never been far from the headlines. At the start of March, there were more than 87,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 […]

Insurance: Why are we more likely to protect pets and possessions than ourselves?

Did you know that people are twice as likely to insure a pet than they are to take out protection for themselves? It’s a decision that […]

Financial wellbeing: How do you score?

Ministers have launched a financial wellbeing scheme with the goal of turning Britain into a nation of savers over the next ten years. How do your […]

A quick guide to retirement interest-only mortgages

If you’re approaching retirement and still have some time left on your mortgage, it can be a concern and take up a significant portion of your […]

Pocket money: Passing on financial skills to children and grandchildren

Knowing how much pocket money to give children or grandchildren can be difficult. Yet, for many, it’s an important part of growing up and their first […]

4 ways you can efficiently pass wealth on to the next generation

Do you intend to pass on wealth to loved ones? If you want to help children and grandchildren become more financially secure, you need to consider […]

What’s the purpose of your retirement?

Purpose in life gives you a sense of direction and provides meaning. Having a purpose can improve your wellbeing throughout life, and it’s no different when […]

7 finance books to read in 2020

Want to improve your financial knowledge in 2020? Reading these titles can help you become more financially savvy and you could pick up a few tips […]

Bank of Mum and Dad: How to understand the long-term impact

Are you planning to give children and grandchildren a helping hand to get on the property ladder this year? If so, you’re not alone. As younger […]

Decade of low interest rates: How has it affected your savings?

As we enter a new decade, you may be looking back on the last ten years. Hopefully, you’ve reached a few goals and taken steps towards […]

New tax year checklist: 7 things to do before April 2020

The current tax year is almost over. Our handy checklist is designed to help you get the most out of your money and allowances for 2019/20. […]

DIY money management could cost you in the long run

Whilst it can be tempting to save and manage money by taking a DIY approach to finances, it could end up costing you money. Research suggests […]

6 things the mini-bond scandal can teach investors

Thousands of investors have been sucked into putting their money into unsuitable mini-bond products following extensive advertising, particularly on social media. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) […]

Managing stress as a business owner, could you learn from Gen Z?

Running a business comes with plenty of stress. In the early stages, you’re often doing the job of numerous people, some of which you may be […]

The value of financial advice

When we think about the value of financial advice, it can be hard to quantify it. After all, you often cannot be sure how your fortunes […]

Financial education: Passing your knowledge on to the next generation

When raising children, there are plenty of skills that need to be passed on but one that often gets overlooked is money management. Despite it being […]

Half of adults plan to work in retirement: Is your job suitable?

More than half of adults plan on working in retirement in some way. Extending a career or transitioning into retirement is becoming more common but thousands […]

4 reasons to think about long-term gifts for children and grandchildren this Christmas

We all know the challenges of trying to find a Christmas present for someone who already has everything. When it comes to children or grandchildren who […]

Are your spending habits putting your retirement at risk?

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Getting to grips with the Nil-Rate Band for Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is one of the most controversial taxes and it’s one that can lead to much confusion. If you’re planning how you’ll pass your […]

The retirement income you choose could impact wellbeing

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