Our core values

Our purpose is to inspire our clients by using Lifestyle Financial Planning to resolve their concerns and identify, achieve and maintain their Ideal Life, whatever happens.

Our core values reflect our purpose:


1. Unique

Each member of our team has a Unique Ability, making us stronger than the sum of our parts. We have a unique way of thinking, we do things differently and find creative ways to help our clients achieve their life goals and the life they aspire to.

2. Teamwork

All team members have an equally important role to play. We believe our clients are an extension of the team; we expect them to play a full part in the financial planning process by taking action and having the motivation to achieve their financial goals.

Our success is dependent upon that of our clients; we believe in the benefits of collaboration and expect to have long-term, mutually profitable and meaningful relationships with all of our clients.


3. Open and honest

We are completely transparent about everything, from our fees to the assumptions we use in the financial planning process, as well as the expectations we have from each other and our clients.

We expect everyone who works with us to share this core value.


4. Excellence

We provide a high-quality Lifestyle Financial Planning service year after year to ensure our clients achieve their desired goals.

Our entire team believes that excellence comes as standard.


5. Growth

We are a growth-oriented business and have ambitious plans. We work most effectively with clients who share the same values and want to grow with us. However, our clients can be assured that our growth will be carefully managed. We will never compromise on the standards we set ourselves and the quality of service that our clients deserve.